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    Oracle BI Server

      We are investigating Qlik as a client to our existing Oracle Business Intelligence environment.  Our thought was to use the ODBC connection to the Oracle BI Server as a source for Qlik.  However, when initiating a connection, we are having issues retrieving data.


      Our environment:

      Windows 7 64 bit client

      Qlik Sense 3.0


      We create our connection to the datasource.  It shows up under 64 bit System DSN as expected.  We provide proper credentials and we can see all of our 'database' tables in Qlik.  However, after selecting one or more of them we can neither preview the data, or do any data preparation.  All the buttons are greyed out.  We are probably doing something simple wrong here, but Qlik is a new tool to us that we are just experimenting with.


      Has anyone done this successfully?  Are we missing something obvious?





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          Levi Turner

          I'm asking for clarification but there is a known issue with data previews with MS Access and MySQL as sources but nothing has been confirmed with Oracle BI. So I have a query out to see whether the issue with MS Access / MySQL is source specific or whether it's more widespread (though not affecting MS SQL or PostgreSQL that I have easy access to).