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    Data extraction from csv file

    Kuljit Chhabra

      Hello Qlik Sense Experts,


      I am new to Qlik Sense and trying to extract data using Data Load Editor. I have a csv file with over 500K records but when I extract data using Data load editor, it only extract some 297K records. I checked to find common reason why Sense is missing so many records but could not find one. I created source file with ";" as well as "|" delimited but same results. If I save the file as csv after converting the data to respective columns then Sense loads all records. Am I missing any thing or there is a known issue with large data extraction?


      Here is my sample data:


      04-000680NM|E|DM0011154 WALL MOUNT BRACK/CNTV DS

      04-000680US|E|J070 AL - TUBE BOOTH 84"

      04-000681NM|E|PATCH CORD FIBER MM-25M LC/LC

      04-000681US|E|TTY - CARD ONLY FIRMWARE CHIP 1.13



      The first two records get loaded and the last two never get loaded even if I reduce the dataset to under 4 records.


      The Qlik Sense version we are using is 2.2.3.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.