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    Displaying 5 fields as 1 with different color

      Hi All,


      Please take a look at the attached screenshot. Each circle for a given row is a field that has a Yes/No value- So the heading "Progress" is a combination of 5 fields each holding a Yes/No. A Yes value is highlighted in Green, and No is in Yellow.


      To replicate this display, I changed the Yes/No values to 0 (so they resemble a circle), applied text colors green/yellow depending on whether it was Yes or No, placed each field close to one another and removed dimension borders so they all look like one single field, but for some reason the dashboard kept hanging/freezing and became totally unusable.


      I also tried concatenating all these fields into one in the script and implement a macro to highlight each character (field) in the string (concatenated one) with green/yellow but couldn't find one that I could successfully apply.


      Any inputs on the above methods or a completely different approach that you've adopted to solve a similar problem would be very useful. Your guidance is much appreciated