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    Iterating through the App collection makes memory usage on the server go rampant.

    Jack Lee

      Hi group.


      I'm trying to collect various App data to produce a Single Configurator URL using the .NET SDK. To do that, I get the whole app list, then for each app I iterate through its NxInfo objects:


      IEnumerable<IAppIdentifier> appIds = hub.GetAppList();

      foreach (AppIdentifier appIdentifier in appIds)


        App app = (App)location.App(appIdentifier);

        IEnumerable<NxInfo> appInfos = app.GetAllInfos();


        foreach (NxInfo appInfo in appInfos)



        // Some of the properties I'm extracting (there are others, some from App)

        string appObjectType = appInfo.Type;

        string appObjectId = appInfo.Id;


        // Save all properties to a CSV-file - code not shown.



      While I can extract the desired properties I get a timeout exception. What's worse, if I monitor the memory usage on the Qlik server I can see it skyrocket the moment that I start the program. I'm attaching a screenshot Task Manager during the program execution.

      Is this normal behaviour? Am I starting all apps when iterating through the collection?