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    How to add a user to dms on qlikview 10?


      We currently use dms authorization on qv 9 and we use code similar to this: http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/23216/91783.aspx


      However this doesnt work on qlikview 10. To create a ticket I had to change the code in order to use the getticket.aspx page, do I have to do something similar in this case?

        • How to add a user to dms on qlikview 10?
          Ashfaq Mohammed


          Once you shift to DMS mode.

          then go to document's tab select a application.

          on the right pane go to authorization tab. Add a user here.

          After adding user just restart qlikview server and qlikview web server.

          Now try to access that particular document.

          I'm sure authorization works this way



          • How to add a user to dms on qlikview 10?

            Ok, so this is the code that comes with the sdk.



            private void m_Add_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

            QvClient client = new QvClient("localhost", QvClient.Mode.Admin);

            XmlDocument answer = new XmlDocument();

            answer.LoadXml(client.Execute("<update mark='' view='' level='0' stamp='' kind='CalInfoTab_obj' ident='new:' /> "));

            XmlDocument request = new XmlDocument();

            request.LoadXml("<update mark='' view='' level='0' kind='CalInfoTab_obj' />");

            request.DocumentElement.SetAttribute("stamp", answer.DocumentElement.GetAttribute("stamp"));

            request.DocumentElement.SetAttribute("ident", answer.DocumentElement.GetAttribute("ident"));

            request.DocumentElement.SetAttribute("session", answer.DocumentElement.GetAttribute("session"));

            XmlElement setnode = request.CreateElement("set");


            setnode.SetAttribute("name", "CalInfoTab.AddNamedCal");

            setnode.SetAttribute("text", m_User.Text);


            XmlNode msg = answer.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("message/@text");

            if (msg != null && msg.InnerText != string.Empty) {

            MessageBox.Show(this, msg.InnerText, "Error");

            } else {

            MessageBox.Show(this, "Success", "Success");




            Im using the qv10 dll.

            The problem right now is that this line:

            client.Execute("<update mark='' view='' level='0' stamp='' kind='CalInfoTab_obj' ident='new:' /> ")


            Is returning the same command in response. We should be getting some sort of answer out of it, but we get the same xml that we sent.