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    Best practice to handle OrderHeader and OrderLine tables

    Marcus Sommer



      I have to handle a datamodel which includes an OrderHeader and an OrderLine table. Especially the OrderLine table is quite large with many columns so that I'm currently considering to split these table vertically into several tables whereby this isn't really a problem.


      More difficult is to display which products from a single order are sold together on a article- and category-level and further which of the products belong together (there are various (nested) parent-child-relations). The current solutions for this are a concat of the articles/categories from an order and several joinings to gather all eachother depending products. Pure technically this worked but it need a lot of resources within the script and the datamodel/gui.


      Therefore my question: are there further approaches to link / to display dependencies between the products from one order and which products are sold together - are there any best practices?


      - Marcus