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    select date to min date

    naveen kumar

      Hello All

      i need help in writing down a expression  to get  values b/w  min date to  current selected   in comparative analysis,

      let say if i got  a sample data like this:

      date           value    

      1 jan            100

      2 jan             200

      3 jan             300

      4 jan             400


      from a calendar object(which is under group1)  if i select 4 jan then i should get sum of values from 1 jan to 4 jan (100+200+300+400),

      if 3 jan then 1 jan to 3 jan(100+200+300)..


      for this the variable i had written :


      vmin='1 jan';


      vmax=max({group1}date).....i tested it in a textbox ,if i use this=$(vmax),it throwing me error ,then if i use this=vmax i am getting value


      then i wrote expression like


      sum({group1<date={">=$(vmin)<=$(vmax)"}>}value)  (which is not working)



      plz any suggestions