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    Cannot connect QV to Active Directory

      Hello all,


      I am fairly new to QlikView so I might not describe my problem very well but I shall try.


      I work at a company that has bought another company, and I have almost all responsibility for the second company.

      Lets call them BOS and VIK. VIK is the company that was bought.


      The domain-users at VIK are migrated from their own domain to BOS and we are about to close down the VIK server, therefore we also need to migrate QV.

      They have a server (is in the VIK domain) with QlikView installed with webserver and everything but it seems that QV is fetching users from the VIK domain and we need to change that so it fetches users from the BOS domain. I already can ping the



      In the Management Console i can see that under DSC - Active Directory, it already has the correct LDAP. Anything else is not configured.

      Under QVWS it is configured with this:

      -Auth: always

      -Type: Ntlm

      -Login Address: Default login page


      I have tried to find anything that connects QlikView to Active Directory but I cannot find anything. I have also tried to look through the forum without much help.


      So if you have any tips and would share them, I would be very happy for that!


      Also; If anything is unclear, let me know so I can elaborate.

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          Leigh Kennedy

          If your server is changing domain there are 3 things you need to consider:


          Authentication - this is based on the domain the server is in.  As soon as you move the server from the VIK to BOS domain it will authenticate users to the BOS domain.  As an alternative cross-domain trust can be set up at a windows level.  This has nothing to do with QlikView.


          Authorisation - Are you using NTFS or DMS Authorisation?  this will impact what users/groups have access to the applications.  Either way you need to ensure the groups/users on the new domain are set up.


          Directory service connectors - this is what will connect to the active directory.  You have mentioned it has already been changed, so that is probably fine.



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            Peter Cammaert

            And another thing to consider:


            the VIK server probably has CALs assigned to users isn the VIK domain. You need to decide whether those uers will be moved to the other QlikView server and assign CALS to their new BOS identities overthere, or whether you want to keep them on the old VIK server and move them toge e ther with the server to the BOS domain. Now for the tricky part: CAL assignments will not automatically move to the new domain when you move your server from VIK to BOS. You will have to manually reassign them. Best hing you can do is define a DSC for both domains (which I think you have done already) and look up the new AD identities using the User Selection dialog. Pay attention to the tooltips when hovering over account names. User names may appear twice without any difference. Until you move your cursor over a name.


            The DSC isn't used for much except looking up users in QMC for CAL assignments, distribution lists etc. As Leigh already explained, everything else is handled by the underlying OS and AD.




            PS Is anyone on the QlikView server in the VIK domain using Server Objects?