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    upgrading QlikView 9.0 to QlikView 10 problem

    Michael Stoler


      We upgraded a server from QlikView 9.0 to QlikView 10 and had to rename the documents and settings folder for the ugprade to work. While the upgrade worked after renaming this folder we would like to get the user names back on QlikView 10.

      Is there a file we can copy over which contains the user names?

      I appreciate any help.

      Thank You,


        • upgrading QlikView 9.0 to QlikView 10 problem

          There is a file called workorder.xml that contains the configuration for the documents published. Part of this information includes the users that the document is distributed to. The upgrade should of created a backup of this file in the BAK directory as well. You can find the workorder.xml file in 'Documents and Settings\Applciation Data\Qliktech\Distribution Service\1' At least that is where mine is. I upgraded to 10 this morning and did not have this problem but am experiencing licensing issues with the new Desktop software.


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