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    list box sort problem (after click for the remaining grey out content)

    Baiyang Xiang

      Hi Friends,


      i have sort problem with a list box. so we have a field name like FY16-FEB format. to sort it based on our fiscal month, i created a MonthSort field corresponding with it. so i will show the Period listbox which is sorted by MonthSort. if nothing be click, it looks fine:


      you can see the Aug is our first month and it will have Monthsort value 1601. but once i click, things get crazy

      Capture2 wrong.PNG

      the grey area, the MonthSort behave as wanted, but the PERIOD is totally messed up, and i have no idea what kind of sort the grey items are using!


      since i am showing PERIOD, customer is very confused if they want to choose another month.


      can anybody help. i tried every possible setting i can use on the sort tab in the listbox... currently is:

      Capture sort set.PNG