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    Change multiple KPI using one date filter

    sumit sahu


      I want to change two KPI using a Date filter(date1) having date id as (date_id).

      I have two KPI:

      1. #Activated Users 

      2. #Transacted Users


      On applying date filter, I want to see count of users who activated on that date in "Activated Users" kpi and count of users transacted on that date in "Transacted Users" kpi. I have activated_date for a user in user dimension table and transaction_date in fact table.

      I am doing this using set analysis:

      For Activated User count:

      count(distinct {$<date_id= {"$(=activated_date_id)"}>}user_id


      For Transacted User count:

      count(distinct {$<date_id= {"$(=transacted_date_id)"}>}user_id


      By this way, I am getting value of both kpi for a particular date. But these kpi shows "-" when I select multiple date from Date filter. I think comparison in set analysis is failing since I have selected multiple dates.

      How do i get KPI values for multiple date ?
      I there something like WHERE IN in SQL which i can use to do this?