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    Access Point Not Sheduled


      In Access Point there are the icons for the QlikView documents. Below the icon is information to tell the user when the document was last refreshed and when it is next scheduled, however this last part always shows as Not Sheduled (not my spelling mistake). Does anyone know how to get this to display the next schedule time. The documents are scheduled to refresh using QEMC, and when looking at QEMC it knows when the next run is due.

        • Access Point Not Sheduled
          Nathan Furbank

          I am running version 9 SR 4 I believe and in the Thumbnail view in Access Point it only shows last refreshed time.

          Interestingly when I switch to Details view all the 'Next Reload' fields are blank even though, as you said, the Management console knows the next reload times.

          • Access Point Not Sheduled
            Ashfaq Mohammed

            Hi rhadl1

            What's your environment.

            Which version of qlikview server you are using? do you have publisher?

            It generally happens with publisher. If you have publisher and if have distribute the document without schedule.

            It will display the message not schedule.

            For this add trigger to the document. Your trigger/Schedule is missing but you have reload/ Distribution I Believe.


            Hope this helps