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    QV10 - XML - DTD Question

      Hi, lately I was looking at a new feature (at least for me), within QlikView, and it's the mechanism that you can have a QV report to sync with a folder, in brief, each time you save your document, QV de-serialize its DOM into several XML files.

      This has been wonderful since now these files can be managed in a Source control software and keep trak of changes.

      THe question is:

      Is there a way that I can validat the structure of the files, thinking of a build process? (DTD maybe)

      Does QV has a formal DOM description where I can pull this DTD out, and validate the XML before merging changes and re-creating a QV Report from Scratch prior deployment?


      PS: Any idea on how to validate the XML's or how to work with QV on a development team besides playing "Hot potato" with the .qvw would be appreciated!

      Thanks again!