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    Non-AD LDAP Authenticated Bind

      OK, thanks to you QV Forum contributors, I think I've got the Active Directory Authenticated Bind down to a science. But, now my client wants to also integrate their non-AD LDAP servers (SunOne v5.2, specifically) and the AD-friendly CONNECT string I've been using doesn't work.

      Currently, all my failing attempts at authentication revert back to an anonymous login/bind, which only returns the ADsPath field. This field's rows look like the following:



      This, parsed and coupled with some targeted WHERE-clause filtering, can be handy for yea/nay type lookups (Ex. Is User X part of Group Y?), but it's less ideal than getting proper Common Name, etc... fields.

      Has anyone had experience with non-AD LDAP authenticated connections? Would you mind sharing a sanitized example of your CONNECT string?




      P.S. The only Sun-LDAP pages that Google turns up for QlikView are marketing brochures, saying that QV supports Sun-LDAP. OK, so... how?!

        • Non-AD LDAP Authenticated Bind

          OK, so it's the ADsDSOObject provider that's the limiting factor here. It's apparently AD-only, and will not work properly for non-AD LDAP. That's why it returns only the ADsPath field, and tosses any other fields that are returned.


          It appears, too, that the Sun-LDAP support is then limited to the Server-side Configurable LDAP setting, and not for direct query from an application's script.


          Someone please correct me if you have better information.