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    Why my variables do not update charts? Qlik Sense

      Hi Everyone,


      I am having a problem with my Bar chart in Qlik Sense. I have 2 dimensions (Line of Service, and Staff Level where each of 4 Lines of Service has 4 Staff Levels). So my bar chart has 4 sections each of them is comprised of 4 bars, and I count a certain metric. What I am trying to do is have a button with one of the extensions (I tried a few) where based on the value of this button (1 or 0), I can either eliminate the second dimension by replacing it with '-' (this will allow to calculate overall metric for entire Line of Service) or display a detailed view as described above.


      So my formula for second dimension is something like this: if(vButton = 1, '-', B_Staff_Level)


      I checked with Table that as I click the button, the value of the variable changes, however the Chart does not change... Please help me..


      If I do the same with filter, it works fine; just load in a separate table not linked to any other table with 1 and 0 as rows and update chart based on their value. Thanks in advance.