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    Working with Qlik Sense Desktop 3.0 Without internet

    Dan Cohen

      Hi Guys


      As we all know the new Desktop Version for QlikSense 3.0 require internet access.

      I founded my self in some situations that no internet was available and still, I need to work on my Desktop Version.


      The best way to work around this problem is to create fake Wifi connection.

      Please find attached the solutions.



      Dan Cohen


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          Ayodele Makun

          Hi Dan,


          Thanks for this great help fix with this annoying bugs the qliksense desktops comes up with.


          Qlik sense desktop is becoming quite frustrating with every update!


          I onlyhope the qlik support are taking note and hope it does make it stable with each new update.



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            Rohit Kumar

            Hi Dan


            What you need to do:

            Create a Loop Back Adapter which makes Qlik Sense 3.0 always connect to network no matter you are in any network or not , but Qlik Sense 3.0  will work fine.


            Steps are below to create Loop Back Adapter:


            Run => write command hdwwiz => advanced => Network Adapter => Microsoft => MS KM TST Loop Back Adapter => Next and Done.


            Qlik Sense will work always with network or without network.


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            Rohit Kumar