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    Extracting data from share point into Qliksense

    P Kumar



      I’m getting below error “Bad Zip File” when loading data  into QlikSense from a SharePoint Excel-file “xyz” .  Please can you guys suggest whats I am doing wrong.

      LET vPath = 'http://connect.ukmkt.ad.ge.corp.local/sites/it/pmm/pre-project/BusinessChange/itfsc/Shared%20Documents/abc%20and%20xyz%20lmn%20pqr%20stu.xlsx/';   .. this link when we open file directly

      LET vPath = 'http://connect.ukmkt.ad.ge.corp.local/sites/it/pmm/pre-project/BusinessChange/itfsc/default.aspx   -- this link open sharepoint and tab where this file is save  .. from file saved here we just need one sheet..

      FROM [$(vPath)abc and xyz lmn pqr stu.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, header is 3 lines, table is [TGP - Applications]);

      I've tried both option directly taking the link when we download the file and also