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    Web Portal Login to Authenticate qliksense User

    Brijesh Maurya

      We have a QAP Server Installed on Windows Server 2012 R2. and We have a Web Portal Running on Apache server . Web Portal is developed on PHP.  With the help of Single Configurator ( Iframe ) we have Embedded a Sheet on Company Web Poratal. if Cust want to access a Poratal they Login to Web portal with their credential . Same User Id we have in Qliksense user. But When User si loging in  the Web Poratal . Qliksense again asking for Qliksense Aunthentication window asking again for Id and Password. So how can we do that if customer login to web Portal Qliksense should not ask for Id and Password again. and able to view qliksense sheet directly.


      I have checked certain Web ticketing and header Authentication Blog. but not able to Achieve this with PHP Coding.


      Can Someone help me on this.and if can share any PHP Code how it can work.