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    variable exchange not working in Nprinting report.

    Agnivesh Kumar

      Hi friends ,


      I am using nprinting to generate the reports for one of my dashboard which has section access.

      So for this what i have done , i have created one copy of my dashboard and loaded without section access , and calling as source document and section access dashboard is my user document.


      Now i have created my NSQ file using source document (without section access file)


      Now in my dashboard there are lot of variables used in expressions and for other calculations , Now i have used on demand extension in user document and trying to generate the report , my charts values are not changing on generated report .


      I have done some research on that , if there are variable manipulation done in expression like (variable1*100 or variable1*variable2) , such type of calculation can not be transferred to source document to generate the report.

      I am not sure but is it true ?


      Please suggest , is variable exchange possible between two document , if i am creating my NSQ from different dashboard.