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    Set Analysis in Pivot Table

    Philip Radovich



      I am trying to create a pivot table with 2 dates and 2 values that correspond with each test date.  I have two dimensions, Performance Items & Name, name is a row and performance item is a column. I have 4 measures. Initial Test, Initial Value, Latest Test, Latest Value. For the Initial and Latest test it is pulling a date from a field AssessmentDate. The Initial and Latest values are pulling from a field called value. The set analysis I am using for the date fields is: Min({$}AssessmentDate) As Initial and Max({$}AssessmentDate) As latest. This seems to be working correctly when comparing to the database. When I tried to do my set analysis for the value the values that are being pulled are not correct. The code I am using is Min({$<[Initial Test]={}>}Value) for initial and Max({$<[Initial Test]={}>}Value). I am not sure if that is correct but I am trying to pull the value that corresponds with the test date.


      Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.28.06 AM.png