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    Using Alternate States in Qlik Sense but not using an extension?

      Hi ,


      I have tried doing alternate states in qlik sense by not using any extensions but got lost at a moment....

      Here is the things I did to make alternate states work. I have an item with its unit prices. The client wants to compare item 1 selected in a table chart to another item 2 selected in a table chart beside it on the same sheet.

      So , I have created two other fields renaming item as item_selection_1 and item_selection_2. Also applied set analysis to ignore item_selection_2 in item_selection_1 selections.


      I achieved it partly where after selecting one item in item_selection_1, I need to select one item from item_selection_1 and then can select items from item_selection_2.....


      Is there anything I should apply more to make it work properly and independent of the selections of each item?


      Here I have attached an example .qvf for reference.


      Thank you.