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    Franck Robert


      is i possible, and how, to add comments regarding a measure ?
      Problem is that as Qlik allow the user to operate many selections, the comment has to be saved according to the context of selections operated.

      So :
      - is it possible to "save the selections operated" ?
      - what kind of object may be used to enter the comment (input area is not really useful) ? Should we develop a webform out of Qlikview (that be opened from Qlikview, with "something" to identify the selection operated in Qlikview)

      Thanks a lot for you help !

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Franck,

          Do you mean to log the user selections and interactions with the document? If so, you can enable it in the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Setup, QlikView Server, expand and click on your server, Logging tab in the right side, "Enable audit logging of client activity".

          If not, can you please show us an example?

          Hope that helps.

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            Hello Franck,

            my first thought was to use bookmarks. But I am sure that you checked this out. So can you explain a ittle bit more, what and when you want to save and how to get it back.

            Regards, Roland

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                Franck Robert

                Thanks for your answers.
                Imagine a very simple application with :
                - year, month and country as possible selection (let's say three lists of selection, assuming that only one value may be selected at a time for each of these selection)
                - a measure (let's say Sales in $ )

                Any user can operate selection which is a combination of one year, one month and one country.
                Regarding the value of the mesaure evaluated through this context, the user should be allowed to enter an explanation (why are the sales oh june 2010 so low in France). After having being entered (and a partial reload), this explanation should be presented to any user who access this measure on this context.

                I hope my english is not so poor that it would'nt be understandable :-)

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                    Hello again,

                    this really sounds fine to use bookmarks. With them a user can fix the current selections, add a comment to it and share it with other people. Only thing is that after a reload the results may differ because the bookmark stores only the current selections and not the data itself.

                    I would play around with booksmarks --> Favori, je croi


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                        Franck Robert

                        Your french is nealy perfect :-)

                        OK for the principle to store context within bookmarks but :
                        - is it a problem to create many bookmarks ? Is there a limit ?
                        - is "input field" the only way to enter comments ? this is very limited...



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                            Hi Franck,


                            oxioFRT wrote:- is it a problem to create many bookmarks ? Is there a limit ?
                            I do not know any.


                            oxioFRT wrote:- is "input field" the only way to enter comments ? this is very limited...
                            When creating a new bookmark the user can

                            a) store the current values of the input fields and, independent from that,

                            b) enter any comments into an info textbox.

                            c) use his text as a pop-up message

                            Details see --> add new bookmark.



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                                Franck Robert

                                Thanks a lot, I am gonna try it.

                                How can we display the comment info that has been entered for the bookmark ?

                                (to show the comment within the application).

                                That is to say that it is not possible to enter comments for a specific diagram, comment is only available for a bookmark ?

                                Do you know if Qlikview roadmap includes such a functionality ?

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                                    I wasn't precise enough. To see the message please check "Pop-Up Message". When you (or anybody else) uses the bookmark, the popup-message will then appear. Without checked this option, hmm, nothing is shown when selecting the bookmark.

                                    When you want to enter a comment to a specific chart or listbox or most of other objects, you can use the helptext. See (chart) properties --> caption tab--> "Help Text" in the lower right corner. After creating a text, a '?' is shown in the caption of the according object.


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                                        Franck Robert

                                        OK to use the help text of a chart as a container but :

                                        - comment has to be relevant for a chart according to the context, whereas it's only 'generic' help

                                        - end user won't have access to it, so it requires to define an input field which content entered would fill the help text of the chart... it would require a macro

                                        - this way i may have a comment on a chart but it would'nt take into account the bookmark ?

                                        I am not sure it is not easier and more reliable to create a button near each representation, this button would open a web form and get from Qlikview the ID of the representation and the name of the bookmark... Well, while writing this post, I realize that there's no easy way for comments...

                                        Thank you very much for your help


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                            There was a forum post about this subject approximately 2 weeks ago - I've had a quick search but can't locate it however the main point was the use of the 'input field' functionality and basically associating a blank field for input with each line at the required granularity. This could then be displayed in a straight table for users to amend then export the table and partially reload it.

                            I created something similar using the Input Sum field in a Project Overview .qvw - see attched (look at the 'Make Amendments' table; make some changes then press the Commit button to reload them into the application as I think you require in your situation.)

                            Hope that helps in some way,

                            Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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                              Previous posted solution attached. (Not createed by me).

                              Hope it helps,

                              Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd