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    Anyone have nPrinting 17.1 working with Qlik Sense?

    Mark Ritter

      We ran into an issue with not being able to preview a template or schedule a report to actually run.  I can connect to an app and build a template.  But can't go any further than that.


      I know that Qlik is working on this bug.  But I was wondering if anyone actually has it working or if this is a global issue that affects everyone?


      If it is an environmental issues I would love to know so that maybe I could work around it.


      Also, with what I could do I found a couple of frustating things that hopefully can be changed in future releases.


      1.  To build the connection you have to actually have the app ID.  Annoying to have to go look up.  Not the end of the world.  But would be nice if you could pick the app by name instead.


      2.  When building the template and loading objects you have no name or description of the objects unless you gave it a Title in the actual App.  Without the title there is no way to identify the object from the list.  And there are times that you don't want to give the object a title in the actual dashboard.  So you are kind of forced to do this.