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    Qlik Sense Comment Tags and Hover Text?

    Michael Ricker

      Hello - we have settled on an approach to reuse some qvds from qlikview to set up some users on qlik sense and I wanted to tag some of the qvd fields with comments on the qlik sense load so the users are able to make sense of the fields without having to call us when working in the hub.


      It seems like a tagged field comment would show up as hover/mouse over text in the sense designer when browsing for field, but does not appear in 3.0.  Are we incorrect in expecting the comment tag to be a hover in the field browser when designing a new sheet?




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          Jeffrey Goldberg

          Michael, hopefully I can shed some light on it.


          For Master Library dimensions and measures, the comments you add during load will not show up when you add a field or a calculation as a dimension or measure respectively.  The master library takes its metadata from the information you enter into the name, description, and other fields like the tags entry to display when you click or mouse over those items in the Master Library.


          It appears from the testing I've done that I can confirm what you are seeing is the same.  If I add a comment to a field, and mouse over or click on the field in the fields section of the editor, the comment information does not show.


          I recommend having a look at the Governed Metrics Service.  This allows you to take your dimension and measure metadata from a centralized location and distribute it across multiple applications in a Qlik Sense site.  The information you place in the table that would supply the Governed Metrics Service will load that information into a dimension and/or measure in the Master Library so that when users go to access that information they will see a description of the metric and can search for it based on tags you supply.


          You can learn more about the Governed Metrics Service here Governed Metrics Service and the documentation can be found here: EA Powertools Governed Metrics Service


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