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    Data from QVD files extracted to virtual server


      I am new to QV...

      Suppose my qlikview document which runs on a virtual server extracts data from 3-4 QVD files which are stored locally, then can the data from these multiple QVDs be put into one file and then sent to virtual server instead of having the data from each QVD being sent to the virtual server.

      I hope my question is clear...


        • Data from QVD files extracted to virtual server
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Raj,

          The STORE command allows you to write a file wherever you have permissions to, either a mapped drive (G:\Folder) or UNC path (\\server\sharedresource). However, I don't understand why do you want to store three different tables (one QVD stores one table) in one file. If that's because the data is the same (same number and name of fields), but each local QVD file corresponds i.e. to one year, then concatenate them and store them in the remote path:


          AllLocalQVDFiles:LOAD * FROM C:\Table1.qvd (qvd);CONCATENATE LOAD * FROM C:\Table2.qvd (qvd);CONCATENATE LOAD * FROM C:\Table3.qvd (qvd); STORE AllLocalQVDFiles INTO \\SERVER\SHAREDRESOURCE\NewFile.qvd;

          If that's not the case, then can you please elaborate a bit further on your requirements?

          Hope that helps.