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    Qlikview Server in a REMOTE location


      I would highly appreciate if anyone could help me...

      Suppose my client has business purpose databases (such as at their payroll, sales, etc.) on their own site and a qlikview server on a virtual server at a remote location in a data center.

      In the above scenario, huge amount of data has to be extracted from the local databases to the remote virtual server which could lead to bandwidth overload.

      I was wondering if I could have a Small Business Edition Server with 4 CALs on the remote virtual server and have one CAL on the local client site so that instead of sending huge amount of data directly to the remote server, a QVD could be built locally using one CAL and then published to the remote virtual qlikview server to be viewed by other users.


      Do you have any suggestion for enhancing performance without causing bandwidth overload where the Qlikview server in a REMOTE location?

      Thanks and Regards