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    Geoqlik VS Articque - which is better?

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys,


      anyone here heard of Articque and used before?


      Geoqlik VS Articque - which is better?





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          pascal jeannenot

          Hi Jim,


          As I have a twin, in depth, view of both tools perhaps I can provide you with some useful hints :


          First you are talking of two very different tools although finality is identical. GQ is a GIS Connector 100% based on server architecture while Articque MAP is a pure QlikView and/or Qlik Sense extension which requires NO external server at all as it is installed straight into extension sub-folder :


          This is key point because differencation between both tools stems from this very fact :


          Each time customet download GQ he downloads ( one need to be aware of this as server is always housed somewhere ! !) server bits and pieces while there is no such thing with Articque MAP which is fully integarted into QlikView/ Qlik Sense and the job is 100% done at the local customer.


          By consequence you have many analysis features you can perform with Articque MAP you will not be able to perform with GQ, such as ( but not limited to..) :


          Lines and polylines

          Customizable color pallettes

          Customizable pies/histograms with diffrent expression per stake

          Ventilation according to sepcific expression, set analysis for each stake

          Storytelling and Developers' HUB ( Mashup) 100% compatibility for Qlik Sense

          Layesr group management etc...


          I hope this helps


          The best



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            Camille ROSSI

            Hi Jim, please have a look at our new GeoQlik website to get a correct overview of GeoQlik. What's more, our sales team is available for any additional question you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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              Jean-Baptiste RENAULT

              Hi all,


              About this topic, does someone has a tutorial on GeoQlik? I must make quickly a map in my .qvw with GeoQlik.