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    Qlik Sense Desktop - MS Access Data



      I've setup a 32-Bit ODBC connection to an MS Access Database in the Qlik Sense Desktop.  However, there doesn't seem to be any data appearing on the table preview.  Some advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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      ODBC Connection setup.png

      No Data from MS Access Connection.png

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          Levi Turner

          There unfortunately is a bug in 3.0.0 which prevents the data preview which is slated to be fixed in 3.0.1 (QLIK-61534 / SR3.0.1 Fix: No preview data shows data selection for a ODBC/ MS Access db). This bug should only prevent the data preview. You should be able to reload from the source DB perfectly fine. This does make data modeling harder, but the fix should be released in the near future.