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    Can I re-code from product_class and Brand field into Product_line ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      HI All


      now I am able to use mapping to recode product_class into product_line and also I can recode Brand into product_line. And these 2 are separate expression .


      My question is am I able to combine the above 2 into 1 ? As I am concern is , if combine and when there is a conflict , how QV decide ?


      Example :-

      PRoduct_class = I/O Decice = PLC

      Brand = GE I recode as PLC


      It is okay


      Example :-

      PRoduct_class = I/O Decice = Robotic

      Brand = GE I recode as PLC


      ABove is is not okay , as QV Will .... Edit should be ok also .