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    Graphs and filter - issue

      Hi all,


      Very new to Qlik Sense and have some issues regarding graphs and filters.


      I have 3 filters: Country, Region and City.


      I want to make three bar graphs:


      1. Shows the income/cost on country level and it should stay the same regardless of filter. I have solved this by using Sum({1}inc)/Sum({1}cost) and it works.


      2. Should show region and follow the filter. So if country 1 is selected the it should only present the regions for country 1. This was easy but the problem is that if I then pick a city I want the graph to still present all the regions in the country. This I have not been able to create.


      3. Same as graph 2 but for city. Same issue here that if I pick a city, all other cities are removed and I have nothing to benchmark agains anymore.


      Thanks in advance for any help that could point me in the right direction.