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    SAP SQL Connector : Where is not null

    thomas le gall

      Hi everyone,


      I am working with SAP SQL Connector for QV.


      I would like to load BSEG table where LIFNR field value is not null.

      It seems that the following statements do not work in the SQL SELECT (which then makes the load longer because I have to add the clause in the QV Load)


      "where LIFNR IS NOT NULL"

      "where len(trim(LIFNR))>0"


      How do you deal with that kind of need ?


      Thank you for your help,



        • Re: SAP SQL Connector : Where is not null
          Yaniv Feldman

          What about


          SELECT *

          FROM BSEG

          WHERE LIFNR NE ''


          NE in ABAP stands for 'Not Equal'

          Try to use 2 single quotes:  ''  to refer to null.


          Not sure whether this can improve extract performance from BSEG as I suspect LIFNR is not a key field.

          Try to check with the SAP team whether they have an index using field LIFNR for this table, this may help.