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    Help writing a sort function in an expression



      I am trying to create a dashboard which takes quantities from a SQL file, divides them by quantities in an Excel file, and will display the percentages accordingly.


      In the SQL file, the quantities are divided up by a column with a certain code. If this code matches the code in the Excel file, it should divide them.


      For example, lets say the first red column shown below has a code of '1', the yellow has a code of '2', green of '3'. etc. I want the expression within this chart for the red column to display only the SQL data which has a matching code of '1', the yellow column to

      display only the SQL data that has a code of '2', the green for '3', etc. Can someone please help me correctly write out these expression statements? So far, I have =Sum(QuantityInSQL)/Sum (QuantityInExcel) , but I need to make it something like =While(Code = '1', Sum(QuantityInSQL)/Sum (QuantityInExcel)) for the red column, =While(Code = '2', Sum(QuantityInSQL)/Sum (QuantityInExcel)) for the yellow column, etc.


      Obviously the While() statement doesn't work in Qlikview, and I can't figure out how to do it in a way that Qlikview will understand.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,