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    How to Rank Approval Activities?

    Branislav Bujnak

      Dear Community,


      I am struggling with the last part of my script and need help.


      I have  task with 5 approval process activities. I need to create a calculated dimension '1st, 2nd, 3rd, .... Approver' based on the time when they approved the task.


      Please see attached example.


      Thanks in advance for your help.





      123456788/24/2015 22:49A_000001ABCRep1AAAUTO APPROVALN/A'Do not want to count auto approvals
      8/24/2015 23:24A_000010ABCRep1BBMANUAL APPROVAL1st ApproverSorted by Activity.Date
      8/25/2015 1:05A_001000ABCRep1CCMANUAL APPROVAL2nd ApproverSorted by Activity.Date
      8/25/2015 3:10A_001100ABCRep1DDMANUAL APPROVAL3rd ApproverSorted by Activity.Dat