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    Set selection indirectly in Qlik Sense (based on variable value).

      Hi everyone,


      Once again, I am hoping this great community will help me solve my problem.


      Is it possible to apply a selection through expression in Qlik? I am trying to apply a selection to an entire dashboard based on a variable value (I create that variable in front-end). Let's say in my data model I have a field in one of the table called Region with 2 possible values (USA and Canada). I then create a variable called vRegion, which could have values of either 1 or 2. Based on a value of this variable, I would like to create a selection for the entire dashboard the same way a Filter would. Can I do that? Maybe with some sort of extension?


      I know I can do it with set analysis, but in that case I would need to add set analysis to every single graph in my dashboard which is not realistic. Can I apply a universal selection across dashboard?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bella Mae

          Hi Nik


          You might be able to use the below, it was a alternative way of creating a cyclic group.


          Create an inline table in the script

          Load * inline
          Selector, Name

          This will create two new fields 'Selector' and 'Name'

          Create a master item dimension with the fields being the dimension you want the user to be able to select

          if(Selector='a',[Field A],
          if(Selector='b',[Field B],
          if(Selector='c',[Field C],
          if(Selector='d',[Field D],
          if(Selector='e',[Field E],
          if(Selector='f',[Field F],
          if(Selector='g',[Field G])))))))

          Use that master item dimension as a dimension in your chart and create a filter pane with the field 'Name' from the inline table.

          Selecting a name in the filter pane will make the chart change, as there is no way to limit the selection to just one it is also wise to add a calculation condition on the chart.Calulation condition can be found under Add-ons > Data handling, I use getselectedcount(Name)=1