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    Can't drag Shared Objects onto Sheet


      We are able to create and go thru the motions to share objects, for example, Straight tables.

      However, when a different user tries to access those objects from the pane and drag them

      the their active sheet, they get a the crossed circle that indicates you can't do this.

      I'd appreciate any help that anyone could provide.

      Thanks - Tim Roy

      (no problems w/ sharing book marks btw)

        • Can't drag Shared Objects onto Sheet



          we recently stumbled to this same problem. We noticed that as you scroll down to view the list of objects in your shared objects pane the distance between the cursor and the item being dragged also increases. Thus if you drag an object from the bottom of the list, the object you are trying to paste will not be in the area you are pasting to. As a temporary solution we sorted the shared objects via owner and collapsed each node opening only the node which contain the shared object we want to drag. It would also help to use the zoom out function in order to increase the drop area for your shared object.


          hope this help.

          Marco S.

          • Can't drag Shared Objects onto Sheet
            Jim Thomlinson

            We have the same thing... We also noticed similar behaviour to koikups1. One thing that seems to resolve the issue is viewing the shared object base on the owner of the object. In this view the object being dragged is always near your mouse pointer and can be dragged and dropped effectively.