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    Sense - Bulk Custom Property Addition using excel

    Aadil Madarveet

      Hi All,


      I have setup Qlik Sense and configured all the server related option and the site is now up. However, to create security rules i need to add a custom property to the users based on which i can create the security rules.


      I know that manually i can create a custom property and assign to the users from QMC.


      I am looking to add custom property to all of the users from an excel file. Like, i'll extract the complete list of users from LDAP, i'll add the custom property to each of the users according to the requirement and then, i would like to import or read in this excel file into QMC to assign the custom property to all the users.


      We do not have control over the current LDAP and so we cannot add the property to the LDAP now. and hence the workaround i am looking for.


      Could someone please help me on how i can achieve this.