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    NPRinting service error. Plese check if NPrinting service is reachable



      I received the above title error when I click on NPrinting Generate Report button. But this morning I could generate the NPrinting report successfully for two of my dashboards. But after that I cannot generate it any more. It keep throwing the above error all the time. Even the same dashboard that I could successfully generated the NPrinting report gave me the same error message. I checked the NPrinting log but no info for that.

      This dashboard was migrated from my development server. It was working fine in my Dev server. After migrated to SIT, it sometimes works and sometimes not working. My NPrinting version is 16.3. I used the server connection for my NSQ source instead of document location. I couldn't find any specific info for the error. Is there any idea? Anyone can help me please?




      Thank you,