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    Loading saving previous data

    Jean-Christophe GUILLERMIN


      I have an excel table updated every day. I would like to load this excel table, but I want to save what was loading previously. How am I supposed to do?

      Thanks for your help

        • Re: Loading saving previous data
          Marcus Sommer

          You could use a load-statement like the following (by the initial load you need to comment out the first load-part from the qvd) and after that you load the previous data from the qvd and your new data from the excel whereby you will need a valid key-field for this, for example a date- or timestamp-field or maybe an order-id or something similar.



          Load * From QVD.qvd (qvd);

               concatenate (table)

          Load * From YourExcel where not exists(KEY);

          store table into QVD.qvd (qvd);


          - Marcus