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    Excel Export issue in Qlik sense

      Hi All ,

      Here is an urgent issue on which I need help of all experts.


      I have made some reports (Straight table ) in qlik sense and given it some name eg: Sales Report . While exporting those reports its name gets changed and come in some different format eg: 847054f0-4d7c-4760-9dc8-c36b5b7e4e19.xlsx .

      Is there any way to display the same name i.e after excel export . If I export Sales Report to excel then it should be export as Sales Report.xlsx.

      Also I want the date along with the name of the report .

      If an user select 05/06/2016 date from Sales Report and export it into excel then while exporting its name should be

      Sales Report 05/06/2016.xlsx .

      Pls help me with this .

      Thanks in Advance,

      Minal Gedam