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    Pivot table split up

    James Hanify



      I don't know whether this is possible but this is what I would like to achieve.


      Format / Example Data of how I would like it to look like is:


      CustomerCustomer NameSectorYears with companyNumber of orders




      The best i've been able to do is based on the attachment, using an if statement to create the difference between a product and a service, as the if statement to count the revenue didn't seem to work when I removed that dimension, it would just assigned it to the first one.


      I'm also unsure about the product and services on how to do this as the data structure is




      Order number (o1234)


      Order Details


      Order Number, Item (x1234)




      Item, Item Name, Product Type (apple)


      I have then been doing an if statement to say if product type = service, its a service, if it isn't its a product.


      Hopefully you can provide some input even if I am being a bit vague.


      Many thanks,