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    Date Picker Object

    Michael Andrews

      My end goal is to have a calendar that defaults to one month behind when loaded,and then allows the user to change the date. I've looked through your tutorials and have the calendar working to the point were you can drop like the year or month section. Maybe I'm not searching for the right key words but I'd like a date selector object where you could pick days, or type in a date, and essentially have a from and to thing, to filter my selection based on that date range. Is there a tutorial for this?

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          Bill Markham

          There is a Date Range Picker extension on the Qlik Branch.


          But I am starting on a QlikView to QlikSense migration and the initial ethos is to do as much as possible Out Of the Box without recourse to extensios.


          I have a feeling though that for a Date Picker object I may be forced down the extension route.


          I would be interested to hear the views of others on this.

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              Michael Andrews

              Is there a tutorial on how to install this? Is it just something I add to the code base? Sorry, I didn't set up qlik on our server, I'm just the one tasked with creating all the reports.

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                Michael Andrews

                Also, I could probably get by with just the standard filter pane and the date items in there, as long as I could somehow default them to a month behind, is that at all possible? Basically in the sense of this


                if the client hasn't selected a date

                set the from date to getdate() - 1 month

                set the to date = getdate()


                leave it as is.

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                Kevin Case

                Without using an extension, there is no way to do this.  This was great functionality that existed in View but unfortunately is does not exist in Sense 'out of the box'.


                However, you can enter a date range in a filter pane.

                This will select all dates between 1/1/2016 and 1/31/2016.  Simple trick that may get you what you need.