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    Section access without prompting userid&password

    Shivarama krishna K


      We are integarating dotnet with qlikview (i.e) the userid and password entered in the dot net screen will be applied to Qlikview file

      i have managed that by selecting the option DMS Authorization but for that userid the corresponding data has to be reduced as we dont have

      the Publisher license i am using Section access inside the file so its asking for the userid and password again .I dont want this to happen

      i tried the following code



      LOAD * INLINE [
      *, 247282, S-1-5-21-1178368992-402679808-390482200 , USER
      *, 258729, S-1-5-21-1178368992-402679808-390482200 , USER


      but this code is also not working as it's asking for userid and password again .Please let me know how can i achieve this