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    Qliksense modifying data


      I am puzzled with a Qlik Sense Desktop behaviour.

      It happens on one of my PCs and not on another.


      I have a table with:



      LOAD * INLINE [

      Code, Description

      '06', "Room 06"

      'R6', "Room R6"];



      Code as WH,

      Description as Nome




      The resulting table is:

      WH, Nome

      06, Room 06

      06, Room R6


      On the other computer, the result is correct:

      WH, Nome

      06, Room 06

      R6, Room R6


      What computer configuration might be changing the data?





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          What computer configuration might be changing the data?

          None. This must be another error. Check that you didn't make a typo in the script. If you're really really sure that the exact same app behaves differently on two different machines then post that app here.

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              Thanks Gysbert.


              But I just found that this is a bug of Qlik Sense.

              The PC with strange behavior has as Main setting for currency (it is in Brazil):

                        SET MoneyFormat='R$ #.##0,00;-R$ #.##0,00';

              If I change to not have the R at the begining, it stops converting R6 into 06.

              It seems that it is interpreting the $ as an wildchar.