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    Batch job

    Martin Pohl


      after reload I want to export a textbos to a file.

      Unfortunately QV server can not start macros or actions, so I have to do this with a vb-script:

      I'm using

      set qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")
      qv.OpenDoc "myfile.qvw"
      qv.ActiveDocument.Fields("field1").Select "value"
      set obj = qv.ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")
      obj.ExportBiff "destinationfile.xls"

      This runs fine by starting the script manuel.

      But using the publisher it runs not every time.

      The statement in the task:

      C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe D:\store.vbs

      Any ideas?


        • Batch job


          Why don't you do it from the script instead ?


          STORE FIELD1 into file.txt (txt);



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              Martin Pohl

              Not the same.

              I reduce the datas with a value in field.

              I tried store tab into file.xls (txt), but by opening the file with Excel the values are not seperated.

              Also it is not possible to export an table chart with this function, by with the export statement in the script.


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                  You can always make a temporary table in the script , put a WHERE clause, export it to text file, and than drop the temp table.

                  You might want to look at text files with something else than Excel . Or , eport to xls , that reads correctly in Excel


                  Once you have a text file with few columns and few numbers, there are million ways to make a static chart and copy/ publish/email that to file shares / ftp / Sharepoint




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                      Martin Pohl

                      Now I realisied it by myself.

                      I created a qvw where the datas are loaded.

                      Then I created a macro in the file to export into file.xls and let the macro execute after reload file.

                      then I planned to start QV relaod the file in a windows task.