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    Using 2 Database

    Gowtham Kesavan

      I am facing an issue in qliksense while connecting two database

      both the database having same Tablenames

      when i am loading with two database connection it is showing error


      how can i resolve this?

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          Miguel Braga

          Hey there,


          Can't you rename your table names in the two databases? I don't think you can upload two tables from two different databases with the same name. If you can't change the database tables name, try creating two different connections in your qlik sense.


          Hope this guidelines can help you




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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            Give the tables different names if the data should stay in different tables. If the data should end up in one table and the source tables do not have exactly the same number of fields with the exact same case sensitive names the you need to force concatenation of the date use the CONCATENATE keyword.


            LIB CONNECT TO 'MyDataConnection1';



            SQL Select * FROM Table1;




            LIB CONNECT TO 'MyDataConnection2';


            CONCATENATE (MyResultTable)


            SQL Select * FROM Table1;

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              Nizam HM

              Disconnect the first connection string after loading the table and store it

              create a  new connection string for the second data base it should work