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    Configure UDC for MySql in Qlik Sense

    Brijesh Maurya

      Hi All,

      I have a Urgent Need. Kindly Help me to resolve this.


      Say I Created 2 Table in MySql database .

      User Table:

      LOAD `userid`,


      SQL SELECT `userid`,


      FROM justtry.`q_user`;



      Attribute Table:

      LOAD `userid`,



      SQL SELECT `userid`,



      FROM justtry.`q_attribute`;


      And in UDC , I Used  SQL(Via ODBC)


      and i created visible connection string :

      Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver};Server=;Database=justtry;Trusted_Connection=yes;dsn=justtry;


      But Still i am Getting an Error,


      The User Directory connector (UDC) is not configured, because the following Error occured:

      Exception When trying to connect to the data source. Edit the connection string in the user directory connector configuration


      The User Directory Connector(UDC) is not operational


      As Well find the image for Error. Both the Table i can able to fetch using Script Editor.