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    Missing Documents when Services Stopped

    Denis Woods


      Our Test Server was running slow for some reason, so I decided to stop the services to see if this would help.

      The first one I stopped was the QlikView Server then I stopped the QlikView WebServer.

      I then restarted the QlikView Server which timed out and the same thing happened with the QlikView WebServer, I restarted them again and they seem to come back online.

      I then went to the QlikView Enterprise Managment Console, went to the Documents Tabs then went ot he relevant folder, when I tried to expand this folder there was no QlikView Documents showing!?

      I then rebooted the server waited for this to come back online, I then went to the Documents tab again, went to the relevant folders then expanded this and the Documents reappeared again.

      Can anyone explain why they did not appear when I stopped and restarted the two Services again?

      Is there a process of which Services I should be stopping first?


      P.S. The server seems to be tunning smoothly at the moment but there could be another issue why this is running slow i.e. faulty memory...