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    Include Statement That Can Be Added Externally to Multiple Applications

      The company I work for is changing its branding standards and that involves changing the formatting of the existing and future QlikView applications we have.  We have over 60 existing applications that need to be upgraded to these new format standards.  Future and present applications are easy to take care of - we have a text file that has all of the formatting pieces in it and have an Include statement set up in the templates we use to create new applications.


      However, the challenge is adding the formatting to the 60 currently existing reports.  It could probably be easily done by manually going into each application and adding the Include statement.  But, is there a way to automate the adding of the formatting logic contained in the text file without manually going into each application and adding an Include statement?  I know someone previously asked about this and a VBScript macro was offered that did indeed simulate an Include statement using the ExecuteGlobal function.  Here's a link to that discussion:


      Include external module/macro code


      However, I can only get this macro to work when it is included in an application.  Is there a script that could do the same thing, as in performing the equivalent of an Include statement, but that could be called externally, perhaps from another QlikView app or even from some other platform such as Excel VBA code?  Basically, I'm trying to find a way to automate adding these formatting pieces to our currently existing applications without manually adding Include statements.