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    server doenst show documents to plugin / desktop client

    Tjeerd Wieberdink

      Dear Forum,

      I've tried to upgrade from qlikview version 8.5 to qlikview sr1 v. 10.00.8815.6.

      First i uninstalled the old qv server and other components. Next i installed the qv server. The user i used was called 'qvuser'. Everything seems to work fine. Got all services running. However, when a client tries to open a document from his client machine, the server doenst display any documents to the client user. Connection succeeds but the list of documents is empty. However, the strange thing is that the server does show documents to the qvuser if those credentials are used at the client machine. This applies to both qv plugin client and fat desktop client.

      Side information:

      The qv server is located on a vmware server outside the client domain.

      qv server 8.5 had no authorization problems of this kind.

      Windows 2003 sr2; 16gb ram

      qvplugin v. 10.00.8815.6

      It looks like the qv server doenst allow all users except qvuser to use any documents. Are there any authorization experts that have a clue whats going on here?

      Any input would be greatly appreciated!