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    Convert Time (military and 36hours)

      HI all,


      I have 2 different fields, as an example:


      One shows a correct time of 00:05   (12:05 AM)

      The other shows 24:05 (12:05AM)


      This field could and does show every time of day, up to and including 28:00 (04:00).


      For all intents and purposes, even though a 28:00 is the next day, my other field is just showing 04:00 with no day marker, so I want these two fields to be the same (day can be dropped). 



      I then want a field which will calculate the difference between the two fields. and for that to show up as number of hours and minutes.


      For example.

      15:00 and 25:15      would be a difference of -10:15 hours. However, with the formula you provide the 25:15 will be converted to 01:15

      15:00 and 01:15      need a calculation for the difference between these, which is 13 hours 45 minutes (13:45)


      Thanks for your help